Gab Under Attack: Your Free Speech Is At Risk

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Gab app, Gab was created in response to a cry for unbiased social media platforms that didn’t seek to silence those that did not share the same views as the majority, often punishing such individuals through banning under the guise of “hate speech”.  “Hate Speech” is just vague enough, regarding its definition, to be able to ban someone on these grounds.  Social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, have become a giant echo chamber for those of the same opinions and beliefs, all those that disagree are under constant threat of being permanently banned for whatever reason that platform feels fit.  It’s easy to do when your own policies are just translucent enough to be interpreted in many different ways, depending on who needs to be silenced.

Many will roll their eyes at this and write it off as a conspiracy theory, but if one would simply take a few seconds to remove their moral-superiority glasses, they may catch a glimpse of what is really happening.  The most glaring piece of evidence is the apparent double-standards being employed on these social media platforms, and, as much as I like to avoid making things a partisan issue, this clearly is.  The typical double-standard that is put on display is when a conservative accounts is banned on the grounds of some sort of “hate speech” or “instigating violence” while much worse is being said by someone of the left.  The most egregious offense is the fact that Louis Farrakhan, a man who is openly an anti-Semite, and has many times refer to those of Jewish ancestry as “white devils”, still has an account in good standing with these social media platforms.  The list goes on, but don’t take my word for it.  See it for yourselves.

Gab is an app that is very similar in function to that of Twitter.  Users can post freely whatever is on their mind in the form of ‘gabs’.  Other users can upvote/downvote, comments, repost, etc.  Gab has a strict policy against threats of violence, as do the other platforms; however, they are very clear about what that entails.  When you have to think to yourself, regarding, for example, a tweet, “hmmm, I guess I could kinda see why that would maybe make somebody upset” something it not right.  I think we can all agree on what a threat of violence actually is…if not…God help us.

Now for the concerning part.  Recently, there was a tragic incident in which a sick individual attacked a synagogue in Pittsburgh, killing 11.  The disgusting individual that perpetrated this attack happened to have an account on Gab, as well as, Facebook, and Twitter…  Gab is now being reported as an “Alt-Right” social media platform that supports white nationalism.  Everyone reading this needs to know that that is a complete lie.  Feel free to look up Gab and what its founder Andrew Torba stand for, and you tell me if you believe this to be true.  The media jumped all over Gab as the scapegoat instead of placing the blame where it belongs, on the crazed individual.  As a result, Go-Daddy (Gab’s hosting platform) felt that it was necessary, either for financial reasons or outside pressure, to revoke its services, thus rendering Gab non-functional.  As I type this, Gab is still currently down, however, they are already working with a new company to act as their hosting platform.  Gab was taken down because one of its users turned out to be some sort of anit-Semite and went on a killing spree.  In no way, shape, or form does Gab condone this man’s actions, and, in fact, had reported this individual to the FBI as a precautionary measure after some questionable ‘gabs’ were posted.  Facebook and Twitter continue on as if nothing has happened, even though they hosted this man’s activities as well.  The double-standard is undeniable at this point.

Gab will continue to work towards providing a fair platform for everyone to exercise their right to free speech, without fear of the Silicon Valley Oligarchy.  Gab, as a direct competitor to Twitter, was clearly targeted for malicious reasons, based on the flimsiest reasoning we’ve seen to date.  For those of you that do not find this chilling, you obviously hold the ‘correct’ opinions and viewpoints, so you have nothing to worry about, yet.  You will find yourself on the wrong side of reasoning eventually, as the window of acceptable speech rapidly shrinks.